Trans WNC (Western North Carolina)

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The Trans Western North Carolina (WNC) has been in the works for nearly 6 years.  It feels great to finally have patched together the last sections of lost singletrack and forest roads to make a continuous line across Western North Carolina.  The map on the computer screen looked good anyways.  It was time to put the rubber to the dirt and see if this thing was rideable.

I managed to get in touch with Logan Watts, founder of the website who I recently learned was living in Brevard. We talked about the details of putting the route together for his website and through the conversation it was clear he had an itch to explore the route as well.

I recently heard about a couple guys putting together a route called the Eastern Divide, hoping to connect Key West with the northern tip of Nova Scotia.  One of the missing links was the stretch through Western North Carolina.  I figured we should all join together to check this beast of a route out and see if it was going to turn out to be something other people will want to ride.

We set a date and loaded our bikes on the back of the “Smelement” and headed for Damascus, Virginia, the start of the route.  I picked Damascus simply because it was the closest bike friendly town to the boarded of North Carolina but also because this is where the Virginia Mountain Bike Route ends.

The next morning we headed out in search of scenic gravel roads, epic photo ops and the best singletrack east of the rockies.


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